Your Best Guide on Wearing Men’s Skinny Ties- Fab or Flop

Actually, there’s no specific rule on wearing a skinny tie yet there is just one thing that you must never forget and that is for you to never miss the match of your tie color to your clothes, of course for you to never be tagged as the fashion victim. Never allow your tie to steal your shine! So now, for us to help you get things right, here are some useful tips for you to rock that mens slim ties!


  1. Anticipate how your tie would match your clothes. Looking forward to wearing your skinny tie, you must never compromise the color of your clothes that you will wear with it. This will always match best with suits that are given to be slim cut according to some stylists plus, those clothes that are having narrow lapels as well as shirts also with slim collars. In short, the scales of both the suit, shirt and your tie must always match, this is because skinny ties are considered to be more casual than of those wide ties.
  2. Another thing is for you to anticipate again the fitting of your tie. Fact that mens slim ties are more of loosen up and relaxed compared with the formality a wide tie could give. Thus, if you work with freelancing and not too corporate labeled companies, you can wear those as much as you want to like working with insurance companies or law firms. Also, you may use this like for your dinner dates and not too formal themed weddings.


  1. Never ever wear a tie that is tied poorly, this will give so many negative impressions to those who see it most especially when you work with people who are very particular with grooming.
  2. Never think of wearing any dress shirt that is having a widely spread collar, or flops when you have it with collard buttoned down.
  3. No offense with those men who are kind of short and stocky, sorry sirs, you might better have wider ties. There are things that are meant for everything and everyone, isn’t it? So it would be best to just let skinny and tall guys wear skinny ties for you to bring out the perfect gentlemen loose in you.
  4. Never ever wear skinny ties with your polka dots shirt or with flowery, Aztec patterns, and some Hawaiian shirts will look really horrible with those skinny ties, so for you to achieve that smart and perfect look with your skinny tie, go with the simple yet modern patterns of shirts.
  5. Never attend any occasion that requires you with edgy corporate attire so you’ll never be misunderstood as an event organizer for these ties are not for those kinds of occasions, so be better knowledgeable on how you will win the game of wearing those skinny ties, wrap it all up perfectly to match you contemporary, smart and high fashioned look!

So if you have decided wearing skinny tie perhaps listening to African songs will suit your mood which definitely suits you look. Looking cool is very important but feeling cool is another key to start your day.