Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Review – Examining the Pros and Cons

The Yamaha brand is famous for producing fine instruments. They recently launched the P-115 model which is an upgrade from the previous P-105 model with contains the fully weighted 88-key digital piano. Although it falls in the standard category of the Yamaha catalog, that doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t opt for it. Visit https://www.bestdigitalpianoguide.com for an in-depth comparison of the P115 against the P105.

When hunting for an entry-level instrument, with the addition of extra features different from the previous version, the Yamaha P115 comes with accessibility and quality features and although it has some shortcomings in terms of feature-laden instruments, this particular instrument is still the best of Yamaha’s continued quest for functionality and perfection. Try it out for sleek and sound design.


This is simple to operate, superb model, an entry-level keyboard that delivers a truly great sounding piano tone. This is an ideal instrument for those who don’t have the financial capacity to acquire a classy acoustic instrument but still want a keyboard that feels and sounds like the real thing.

The damper response and graded action offer the user a genuine playing experience.

The keyboard is also at a moderate price rate and has a luxury finish and feel. It is a fantastic instrument ideal for teaching and at the same time offers amazing features for an entry-level instrument.

When positioned to its complete stand with three pedals, it comes in form of a good-looking instrument that only takes up a little space. This is really a good news for those residing in tiny apartments, especially if you are a musician.

It also comes with headphone sockets to enable you to listen to the sound produced clearly and it won’t also disturb your neighbors.

The speakers produce a nice complete sound, without the need to amplify it any further. This makes it a fantastic portable keyboard ideal for a variety of settings. Even when placed in outdoors, it delivers some good sound capability for a small group of people.


The instrument is designed with a single pedal and this limits the further illustration of complex pedaling found in some sets.

You can solve this problem by buying an extra stand with three additional pedal unit, but it restricts its movement and portability.

Although the accompaniments can conveniently alter the flexibility when it comes to adjustment thereby making it quite difficult to create a truly masterful performance due to lack of customization to the settings.

The keyboard weighs 11kg. It has to be placed on a secure stand to avoid constant movement of the instrument as it can easily be mount on some stands due to its lighter weight.

With all these above-listed factors, the P-115 is a fantastic starter instrument and it happens to be one of the amazing options for training younger players or mastering the instrument. With this instrument, someone can easily learn with it and at the same time learn about the advanced pianos in general.

If you prefer a digital piano that is simple to operate coupled with the delivery of fantastic sounds and a well-integrated pianistic feel, this brand stands strong amongst others. In conclusion, this is a well-designed, sturdy (although with lighter weight) instruction that offers the full value for your money.