What World Music and Your Primitive Outpost purchases say About Your Personal Style.

A lot of people would like to think that personal style just involves the eyes.  When you look at somebody, you can see the color of the shirt they’re wearing, the cut of the shirt, and other pieces of clothing.  You can see the pants.  You might even also pay attention to their hairstyle.

But make no mistake about it, your personal style transcends the things that people can easily perceive.  There is more to you than what people can see.  It’s not just about your hairstyle, your choice of clothing, your accessories, or if you’re a guy, your beard.

Your personal style transcends all that because it can impact what you choose to eat, how you eat, and when you eat.  It can also impact what you listen to.  African music, believe it or not, says a lot about your personal style.  Just as your beard, which you may have gotten ideas for from beard-styling online resources like Primitive Outpost, says about your personality, your musical tastes are equally vocal.  Seriously.

Beard and male facial hair styling sites like PO cater to guys who have a refined sense of style. These guys are not just content to go with the run of the mill or ordinary. Instead, they want only the very best styles as well as styling products and grooming accessories for their beards. Whether we’re talking about a classic mountain man beard or a simple overgrown goatee, the right facial hair style requires the right blend of styling products and accessories. After all, your distinct look is a reflection of your total persona. Every single signal you send out says volumes about your personal style and what you are about.

What you choose to listen to is as important as the beard you choose to grow.  People might see that you got your beard-styling ideas from Primitive Outpost.  Well, they can also easily figure out where you got your musical ideas from.

When you play and listen to African music, it simply declares to the world that you are an open-minded person.  You don’t let boundaries, habits, and traditions get in the way of great music.  This open-minded approach highlights a truly cosmopolitan personal style.

This is not always the case with other people.  A lot of people seem to be stuck with the tried and proven.  They can’t seem to move past the walls of their comfort zones.  They get really uncomfortable.  They feel vulnerable, but there really is nothing to be scared about.

The great thing about African music is that it communicates on so many levels the central truth that regardless of where we come from, what we do for a living, and what we look like, we are essentially the same.  This is why if you are truly looking to express your total persona, don’t just focus on what you can see. Your beard’s length, specific style, how neat it is, and its cleanliness speak volume to your personal style and level of individual elegance and sophistication. Always remember this. You need to send out a conscious and well-sculpted style message. A great well-trimmed and well-styled beard can definitely do this… along with other signals.

Don’t just limit yourself to visible signals.  Pay attention to your taste in music.  Pay attention to the food that you normally eat.  All of these add up to a truly distinctive personal style.  They are just as important, and in many cases, more important and meaningful than the things people can readily and easily see.