Tips on How to Use a T-Shirt Heat Press

If at any point you desired to print your own t-shirts with your emblem or your favorite design, you will be excited to know it is actually not a difficult task. If you have a heat press machine in good condition and you carefully follow the instructions on the T-shirt professional blog, you can be sure of creating your personalized line of T-shirts. Below are some of the tips on how to use a t-shirt heat press.

Right about before anything, wash the t-shirt in a cold water or perhaps using the cold cycle and you allow it to dry with the assistance of high heat. When your shirts are dried, they are ready for the next process. The design you intend on having on the t-shirt must be created, thus demanding more from your creativity.

After have successfully gone through the creation stage, the next thing to do is print the design on a professional heat transfer paper. It is important that you do the printing with a color ink, just so you can achieve the entire effects.

With the graphics already printed, while trimming close to the edge of the image it is important that you cut them as careful as possible, In order to make things a lot more easier, while designing use a background that has color just so you can the shape efficiently

The next procedure is to have the press set based on the requirement of the material you will work on, the machine you have and the transfer paper in question. To meet the requirements there are three things that you need to do; you will need to set the pressure, time and temperature for each t-shirt. On meeting these requirements, you are sure to start making your customized t-shirts.

At the point of printing, have the center of an image on the t-shirt. You can employ some alignment tool like a ruler to assist you in keeping it completely at the center. Some other methods of having your image centered are by using a T-square of folding the shirt half lengthwise.