This is how a cat owner got the urine stains out from his world music room


Here at toumani-diabate, we are big fans of African or world music. Make no mistake about it, Africa is the cradle of global civilization. It is, after all, where all women trace their maternal lineage from. Thanks to mitochondrial DNA mapping, scientists have clearly established the continent of Africa as the cradle of humanity. That’s right. All people, when they trace their lineage through their mothers, come from Africa. We’re all Africans deep down inside and this is a tremendous thing because we can tap into the great cultural ferment and dynamism of this amazing continent.

African music truly is music for the soul because it truly transports you to a different time, it elevates your mood and really makes you feel so alive. If you are as excited about African music as we are, you probably would be tempted to take things to the next level and invest in a world music room. As you probably already know if you’re listening to any kind of world music, its musical rhythms, composition patterns and melodies are quite different from traditional, popular music. It’s definitely distinct enough from western music.

Given these differences, a lot of world music fans actually take matters into their own hands and install acoustic elements in their music room. These acoustic panels bounce sound in such a way that it enhances the percussion and rhythm of traditional African music an well as African drum beats. This is a big deal because if you really want to savor everything and anything distinctive, exciting and transcendent about African music, you really need to invest in the right sound equipment as well as the right acoustics.

The good news is this investment is definitely worth it. With that said, if you have a cat, things can get a little bit complicated if you have a carpet in your world music room. Nothing would be worse than designating this special area of your home or interior space for everything and anything related to world music. The problem is these urine stains stink up the place and they’re not all that pleasant to look at. Don’t be surprised if you don’t take care of the situation head on, you probably might not want to spend that much time in your world music room. That would really be too bad because you’ve spent all this time, effort and money investing in the room and setting it up in the first place.

The good news is getting those urine stains out is not rocket science. Here’s the story how one cat owner got the urine stains out from his world music room.

First, he applied even lighting on the surface area of the carpet. This means he turned off the lights and he used a mobile phone app flashlight to look for discoloration or at least contrasts in the carpet. This usually looks like some sort of marbling. It has a map like effect. Once you spot that, you should then confirm if that is an animal stain. This is actually quite easy if it’s a cat stain because your nose will tell you. You can smell it quite a ways away.

Once you’ve done that, then you apply the usual suspects. I’m, of course, talking about baking soda, all sorts of carpet cleaners and some sort of liquid. Mix it all together, let it soak in and then vacuum. At about 3 passes, your world music room’s carpeting should be like brand new. Not only would it look fresh and clean, it would also smell that way as well.