The Benefits of Buying League of Legends Account

If you are new to playing League of Legends, you might think about buying yourself an account. There are some people who tend to buy lol account for various reasons. Here are the following benefits that you should consider if you invest in another League of Legends account.

You will be able to play with friends from other regions

If you are playing in Europe and you have friends in the USA that you cannot add and play together, then you should consider buying an extra account. All you need to do is to purchase the account from their server and you will be connected with your friends from other regions. It also cuts down the time that you have to progress until you are allowed to play with these people.

Fix problems with bad teammates

For those players who are having the problem playing with their bad teammates, you should really consider buying a LOL account. In that way, you will be able to increase your MMR without holding back and getting stuck. Aside from that, new accounts will provide you with the amount of IP required in buying 16 champions. If you think you don’t deserve to be stuck on the same level with them, all you need to have is a fresh start.

Easy access to new champions

If you are dying to play a certain champion yet you don’t have enough IP, it can really be frustrating. Most especially if you are just starting out, you will spend a long time earning the IP that you need in order to unlock champions and play them. Purchasing a LOL account can provide you with enough IP that you need in order to automatically play champions as soon as it is release. Aside from that, you can try playing these champions in your new account without ever having to ruin your current MMR.

Play duo with your friends

Practicing games with your friends can be more exciting than mingling with strangers from all around the nation. But if you can’t play with them considering the fact that your friend is a bronze and you are already a diamond, you should consider buying an extra LOL account then. The purchased accounts are unranked, therefore it will be easier for you to play with your friends.

Access LOL when your account is banned

If you had offended a player during the game and they had reported you, chances are, your account will be banned. In order to avoid waiting for such a long time before accessing it again, you can still play League of Legends while waiting.

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