The Albums

To date, ToumaniDiabate has over 12 albums out already. And all of his albums feature a mix of traditional Malian music and contemporary pop music as well. Most of Toumnani’s music has been critically acclaimed by audiences. And his albums have been top sellers on the French music charts and international music charts as well. Some of ToumaniDiabate’s albums have also been nominated for the Grammy awards. His albums are all listed here so you can check whether or not you have listened to them in the past. You can also listen to sample tracks of his albums on this page as well.

The first album that was produced by Toumani was Kaira released in 1987. Released under the label Hannibal, his first album has over 7 different tracks which you can check out of a sample here.

His next album was released in 1988, which was entitled Songhai. The album was produced by the label NuevosMedios. He released the album in collaboration with Ketama and Danny Thompson. And when you listen to the 8 tracks of the album, you can definitely see the collaboration that these musicians underwent to be able to produce this album.

In 1994, Toumani released his next album under the label of the same NuevosMedios studio. It was a direct sequel to his previous album, and he called it Songhai 2. Collaborating again with Ketama and Danny Thompson, he produced and released 9 new tracks with this new album release.

During 1995, he returned to the Hannibal studio label as he released his new album called Djelika. This new album has over 8 new tracks that delighted his fans. This is the time that Toumani garnered new fans with his traditional Malian music albums.

From 1999 to 2001, he also released 3 new albums throughout those years. he managed to produce albums such as New Ancient Strings, Kulanjan, and Jarabi. This is about the time that ToumaniDiabate started experimenting with his music to include elements of modern pop music along with traditional Kora instrumentals and lyrics. All of these albums released under the Hannibal label were smash hits and introduced Toumani to the rest of the international audiences. By the next year, he also released a new album called Malicool. And this was a tribute to his country of Mali. It featured songs that were all about the country that he came from.

ToumaniDiabate was then picked up by the label WCR. And two of his albums that he released were nominated for the Grammy awards. His albums In the Heart of the Moon (2006) and Mande Variations (2010) were both nominated for the Grammy awards of their respective years.

Consider purchasing his albums or downloading one of them as a digital copy if you love his music. Support the artist directly by purchasing one of ToumaniDiabate’salbums. By purchasing one of his albums directly through this website, you are giving direct support to the artist which can allow him to continue producing music for this rest of his career. ToumaniDiabate has had a very prolific career starting in 1987 with his first album. And over the two decades since then, he has released a dozen well-received albums to the general public. And you can check out all of his albums on this website.