Two players of the Kora, which is a traditional African string instrument, have decided to pay tribute to their predecessors through the tour of a show called Manitou. This is a live musical show that will showcase the play of the kora, which is a stringed instrument very popularly played in East Africa. The album will inspire and evoke feelings that can be evoked when listening to the music of ToumaniDiabate. There is a lot of passion but also anger in the music. And anyone that listens to this music will be able to experience a whole new culture by listening to the sumptuous sounds that you can hear in this musical show. There is a blend of traditional African instruments and even a credit piece to include the singer-songwriter Nach, who is the sister of Matthieu. You can start to listen to the musical show as it begins to play this January.

The first show of this tribute tour that has happened occurred last January. However, this was just a taste of what is to come. You can catch the latest and complete show as it premieres this June. You can catch tickets to see the tour of Toumani yourself. This tribute show to this musician is definitely something that you should catch if you consider yourself a true fan. You can purchase tickets which will allow you to view the shows that he will be playing this coming June. It will be showcased in various locations in East Africa.

The live music tour for this new album will primarily play tribute to Mali musical tradition. The music project is a group effort and it is being collaborated on a huge number of East African musicians, who all love Mali music. Included in the album are musicians such as Youssou Dour, Ibrahim Maalouf will play the trumpets, Louis Chedid, Nekfeu, and Santigold will also be playing various instruments as part of the project as well. In addition to hearing the main singers of this album, other voices that you can hear as part of this album are OxmoPuccino and other East African singers. This album will truly be a group project that will bring out the best in each musician. And if you are a fan of any of those artists, you should get the album right now! All of these amazing artists will be performing on the tour as well

The tour will officially start in Lyon, as part of the Nights of Fourviere festival. Grab tickets to the show right now if you do not want to miss out. The earliest date for the start of the tour is scheduled for June. So there is very little time left if you would like to catch all of the latest music that will be performed in this tribute album to ToumaniDiabete, produced by MatthieuChedid. There is a lot of new material and even appearances by other beloved East African musicians on the album as well.