Kora Lessons

Kora master player ToumaniDiabate will be holding lessons for the instrument in Paris, France. It will run from the 12th to 18th of October this year. You must no miss this class if you are interested in learning how to play this traditional East African stringed instrument. ToumaniDiabate is one of the foremost Kora players in the history of Mali and even the world. You can sign up for the classes to learn all of the basics of playing the instrument, or if you would like to hone your own techniques of playing the instrument itself. Kora players will learn a lot from taking a class from ToumaniDiabate.

ToumaniDiabate is considered a master of the Kora musical instrument. He also has a history of teaching music as well.He teaches classes at the Bamako Conservatory of Music. So you can rest assured that you are in experienced hands when you attend one of his classes. ToumaniDiabate has had a lot of experience teaching playing the kora instrument to students of all skill levels. This is because he has had a long experience being an actual teacher teaching beginners and amateur players of the Kora, alike. You are bound to be able to learn something if you attend one of his classes in Paris this October.

He is also considered to be one of the best instrumentalists around the world. And ToumaniDiabate has been called the prince of the kora. He has released over twelve albums that all feature him prominently playing the kora. All of these albums have been well-received. And ToumaniDiabate is even more well known for his live performances with the Kora and his orchestra. You can catch a recording of his live performances on YouTube. It is really a treat to get to see the man himself perform live. And when yo attend one of his classes; you are sure to get to see him perform more than once in the class.

Aside from being a professional musician and teacher of music, ToumaniDiabate also works as an ambassador of Mandingo music around the world. He hopes to spread the influence of Mandingo music to different countries, not just East Africa. And that is one of his inspirations for why he wants to spread his lessons of Mandingo music to students in Paris, and other cities around the world. ToumaniDiabate also wants to broaden his own musical horizons by teaching Kora courses that are organized for students that are not living in Mali.

The lessons that are being taught by ToumaniDiabate are open to students of all ages and stages of learning. The price for 1 week of lessons will be 840 euros. Students can also avail of a 1-day lesson for 120 euros. Each day that students pay for will include 3 hours of lessons. The maximum number of days that students can be taught is 7 days. You should register for one of these lessons right now if you want to learn to play the Kora from one of the masters of playing the instrument.