How Can YouTube Vlogging Help Promote Traditional African Musical Arts? 

Africa has a rich traditional musical heritage.  From the horn of Africa all the way to the South and back to Northern Africa, this continent is just extremely rich in musical traditions.  It truly is a journey into a completely different world as the natural human tendency to produce auditory art spreads throughout the continent.

If you were to take a bus going from Morocco and proceed to go down the continent all the way to South Africa and make your way back to the North through an East African route, you would be blown away by the creative scope and amazing range of African musical expressions.  One of these, of course, is the Okra or African harp.  Sometimes it is very haunting.  On other times, it is very uplifting and energizing.  It really all depends on who is handling the Okra.

There are many other distinctly African musical instruments that can really uplift the soul, and it’s easy to think that this kind of music will remain basically trapped in the African continent.  After all, there is really not much of a large, worldwide demand for traditional African music.  Most critics would agree that when it comes to the different demand levels or the different flavors of world music, traditional African music is on the short end.  It’s not on the same level as Reggae.

With that said, the popularity of YouTube and other online video social media platforms has enabled a new generation of global music enthusiasts to discover traditional African musical arts.  It is easy to see why YouTube is at the forefront of this amazing sea change in musical taste.  It’s as if people are just completely woken up to a wide, new, kaleidoscopic, and the almost universal buffet table of musical genres coming out of Mama Africa.

This is due to the vibrancy and dynamism of YouTube as a social media platform.  Take the case of vlogging.  Whatever you’re into, you can open a YouTube channel and get people excited about whatever it is you’re excited about.

There is a channel of a guy who replicates primitive conditions and makes all sorts of pottery and equipment.  This channel is called Primitive Technology and it is one of the hottest YouTube channels.

The same goes for Kim Dao.  This beauty blogger, who currently lives in Japan, gives us an inside scoop on what it is like to live in Japan. Thanks to Ms. Dao, you can learn the ins and outs of living in Japan. You can also get the latest and greatest trends in beauty, beauty products, and makeup tips.

Kim’s influence has grown by leaps and bounds because of her Youtube channel. In fact, she’s on other social media platform. It’s easy to see why she has gotten so popular. Not only is her channel informative, it is also very amusing and highlights her charming personality. Make no mistake about it, vlogging is able to turn people into personas which in turn can become solid online brands. Kim has shown how this is possible. Youtube is not just a one-way street when it comes to content creation and enjoyment. Instead, it actually is a platform, just judging from the how active its comments section is, where Youtube celebs’ fans can build a genuine community around a creator’s work.

Make no mistake about it, vlogging, whether you’re sharing beauty tips, lifestyle tips, or teaching people how to do all sorts of stuff, breaks down barriers.  It opens people’s mind.  People may come in initially out of curiosity but they leave refreshed, enlightened, and a little bit better off.  It is precisely due to this environment that African music, particularly the traditional African music, is making great headways all over the world. If anything, vlogging provides tremendous opportunities for anyone from any part of the world to share their distinct personal brand and message.