Essential Guide to Screen Printing for Sports Teams

Screen printing, otherwise known as silk printing is one of the earliest methods of printing involving the passage of ink through a mesh screen and onto a sports jersey. Essentially, the screen is pressed onto the jersey with the name and number carved out from the screen, ink is transferred onto the screen, then a roller pushes the ink through the name and number openings that have been carved out and onto the jersey. If you’re in need of amazing custom screen printing works, then you’ll need to visit the Teesnow website.

If you want to raise team enthusiasm levels to a higher level, then screen printing services is the way to go. These companies provide a means of printing any message that you desire onto your piece of fabric. You can go for a particular message that will appeal to the team members in a manner that no other message can capture. There are a couple of different ways of using this to promote team spirit.


First off, shirts can be printed for everyone on the team or all the people who are the team’s fans. Digital printing for t-shirts can be carried out using the team’s name and logo. One way of bringing about inclusiveness is to allow different members of the team to be a part of developments by, for instance, getting them to come up with a logo they want printed on the t-shirt. This gives them the feeling of being a part of the team because it will feel like they contributed to shaping the team’s identity.


If you want the fans to be more enthusiastic at the games, it is usually a great idea to put the name and logo of the team on a small hand towel with the use of screen printing services. This doesn’t seem to be something you’d see at a sporting event, on the surface. However, fans wave the towels over their heads and shout excitedly whenever the team does something thrilling. With thousands of towels being waved around in a packed stadium, the entire place looks festive and thrilled.

Other Types of Clothing

You should expand your horizons with respect to the types of clothing you use. There are a couple of others that are worth looking into, and they appeal to different folks. You want to offer the fans clothes they love to wear so as to increase the possibility of them wearing the clothes and coming along with some team spirit everywhere they go. Here are some of the options available to you;

  1. Headbands. They are usually worn by fans who have long hair. The logo could be situated appealingly in the middle.
  2. Sweat Pants. The team name can be printed on the legs of the pants. This is a favorite of fans of cold-weather sports such as football and hockey.
  3. Underwear. Even though these are not visible, they still raise some excitement about the team amongst the fans.
  4. Socks. These tend to give the fans some kind of connection to the team.