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Toumani loves hearing from his fans. And if you love his work, you can send a message to this website’s official email address. ToumaniDiabate will personally read through all of the messages that are sent to him. If you would like to send him snail mail, it is also possible. However, it will take some time to reach him, as he spends most of his time residing in his home country of Mali. You can send him fan mail to his agents, whose offices are located in Europe. And his agents will then pass along your mail to Toumani when they meet him.

If you would like to book Toumani for a tour or as part of a music festival, you can also send business inquiries to the email address of this website. The agents of ToumaniDiabate also have access to the messages sent through this website, so they will also be able to respond to any business inquiries that are sent to this email address. His agents will do their best to see if ToumaniDiabate is available for performances for the dates that you have specifically requested. You can also check out the availability of Toumani by looking at his tour schedule.

For anyone that would like to reserve a Kora class lesson with Toumani, you can also contact him directly through this website to be able to reserve private lessons with him. He teaches students of all skill levels and ages and would love to privately tutor you on how to play the Kora.