Buying Tips for the Best Router Table

Fortunately, there are not many router tables in the market, which do not complete any given assignment. In some cases, that is all that you need to do, while in some cases you need more versatility and at times all you just need is the best router table.

The various features of the router table are classified into must-haves in the case of a quality budget router table, good-to-haves just in case you desire having a remarkable experience, and whistles and bonus bells for a router table with excellent resourcefulness.

Must haves features when buying a budget router table

  • A resin base plate or an aluminum base plate is a must-have for any budget
  • A melanin-coated MDF table will assist in providing a sturdy, smooth surface
  • Just so you have a router table that will be worthwhile, ensure a good fence is incorporated
  • A firm, flat top is vital in order to avoid inaccuracy and slippage in your cuts

Good to have features for a great-value router table

  • Router tables that are compatible or perhaps incorporated with fence clamps and feather boards and shims provide more hands-free operation, stability, and resourcefulness.
  • For total resourcefulness, opt for a split router fence
  • For strength and stability, opt for a resin router table. It is a modification of the MDF.

Great to have features for the best router table

  • For the scrupulous woodworker, a micro-adjust tool is a must have
  • Tables with jointing rods and one-piece fence make provision for the best of both worlds.
  • For Firmness, vibration absorption and stability, it is advised that you opt for the cast-iron router tables.

What do router tables cost?

Router table prices vary by features and brands. The more expensive options have more accessories and workspace like miter gauges, feather boards and much more. The beginner options start from about $150-$300 and they include router tables like Router Table Combo and Craftsman Router, Bench Dog 40-001 and the Kreg PRS2100. The next grade of table router can be purchased around $400-$500, on the other hand, the tables intended for use by professionals or dedicated hobbyist can be acquired for about $1000.