Best Pomade for Men with Different Hair Types

Whether you want to create a hairstyle that is trendy like the quaff or pompadour or a timeless hairstyle like the greasers sported for ages, a high-quality pomade is a versatile product that can help recreate these hairstyles. If you are considering adding an item to your medicine cabinet, you should consider one of the best pomades for men 2018 on hairsnerd.com as highlighted below. All the ones listed below will suit your needs and requirements regardless of the hair forms, whether you have curly, thick, thin, or even normal hair – the fact is that these products will help you achieve your hair goals.

Pomades come in numerous varieties of products suitable for all types of hair. Generally speaking, as we will highlight later in this article, a pomade will be especially suitable for men that have hair that is at most 4” in total length.

Which Pomade Should You Opt For? Water or Oil Based Product?

When it comes to the variety of any pomade, men should opt for one out of the two available products. The water and oil based product. The selection of one should be based solely on the hair texture you are trying to achieve coupled with how it will get itself accustomed to your lifestyle.

If you desire to get a pomade that will ensure that your hair is in good form while going to the gym or simply partaking in a basketball game, then it is better to opt for an oil-based pomade. For instance, an Uppercut Monster which is categorized as an oil-based pomade will ensure that your hair is in place even when you sweat intensely.

In addition, oil-based products have to undergo extra effort to clear off your hair due to the fact that they don’t combine well when mixed with water.

The other variety of pomade is the water-based pomades.

Pomades utilize water as the major component won’t offer the same level of shine, but the upside is that it is easy to clear off the product from the hair. A water-based pomade may be ideal for men who usually stay in the office environments for most parts of the day or those who are reserved and simply want to create a low shine look. An effective product of this variety is the Imperial Classic Pomade.

Best Pomade for Curly, Thick, Fine or Thin Hair?

When you want to decide which of the pomade is best suited for your hair type, it solely depends on the style you are opting for. If you have a stubborn, thick hair that is difficult to comb, then you should opt for a pomade with a firm grip like Suavecito.

Furthermore, Suavecito is a water-based pomade that offers a medium shine and does an excellent job at keeping even the most resilient hairs in a balanced position throughout the day.

Another excellent pomade product that is ideal for curly or thick hair types is Baxter or California. It provides a strong hold via the use of beeswax (which also serves as a natural protectant)

For a gentler hold for fine or thin hair, then it is appropriate to opt for a lighter hold such as the pomade made by the Imperial Classic company.