Are You Using the Right Vauxhall Car Parts?

When you want to get your car maintained, fixed or repaired, are you aware of the replacement parts that your auto technician for your Vauxhall is using? Do you know if they’ll be using generic or brand Vauxhall car parts?  Do you know which one you are being charged for?

Just a few automobile owners keep an eye on the replacement parts used during repairs of their vehicles but we are all interested in keeping the cost or repairs and replacement as low as possible. We often overlook the benefits that come with using OEM replacement parts or brand name parts. What you ought to be concerned about is the performance and quality of replacement parts used and not the cost.

What Are the Similarities and Differences?

Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM car parts are the parts that you find in a newly purchased vehicle. These are the parts that are used by manufacturers to assemble their vehicles. They are trusted and recommended by the manufacturers if one can afford it.

If you make use of strictly car dealerships for the repair and maintenance of your Vauxhall, it is without a doubt that they make use of brand name parts when repairing or maintaining your automobile. OEMs are very much similar to brand name car parts, in the sense that they provide consistency in terms of quality and they come with a reputation.

You will see that brand name auto parts come with names like “Moog” or “Bosch”. Similar is the case with OEMs, they are very expensive because you tend to pay for the name that is placed on the product together with the reputation it has. If the brand auto parts you want to opt for is recognized globally, for instance, there is every chance that you’ll be paying for the piece of mind they are offing and the quality of the product

Generic parts, on the other hand, are just parts, you will not find any name attached to them. You will find have something like “screw” on the package, not anything like “Micheal’s Screw”. You will not find any brand name attached to any generic part. It has that leverage of being bad or good, whichever way the manufacturers desire because there is no brand name on the line to suffer the repercussions.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There are most definitely cons and pros to using the aforementioned products. Like they say knowledge is power, information is king. Let’s see what they are exactly:

Pros and Cons of OEM

Pro: For the fact that it is being used by the manufacturers, then you are very sure of the quality of this product. They come with reputation and warranty. Dealerships when maintaining and repairing your car make use of the parts that are very much compatible with your Vauxhall.

Con: It is important that you are aware of the fact that OEMs cost a lot more, owing to the fact that certified technicians and the dealerships are involved m

Pros and Cons of Brand Name Auto Parts

Pro: When you purchase a brand name auto replacement part, you are paying for the reputation, the name attached and the quality that such brands offer. The quality is without a doubt going to be of high standards and the parts come with an optional guarantee or warranty, just to meet up with the quality.

Con: Owing to the fact that they of top quality, it is expected that they are costly. Brands names are very much expensive than the generic options.