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This is the official website of ToumaniDiabate. He is a professional musician and instrumentalist, best known for playing the traditional West African stringed instrument harp called the Kora. He has released several albums and other projects related to classic Malian and Griot musical storytelling. Renowned across the world for being one of the top Kora players, Toumani is also committed to preserving the traditions of Kora playing. So he heads an organization that is dedicated to teaching the younger generation all about playing the Kora.

ToumaniDiabate is also a grammy winner and nominee. He has won the Grammy awards in 2006. And he has been nominated twice for the grammies as well. In addition to those awards, all of his albums have also been well-received by critics and audiences alike. And the music that Toumani also composes is very famous for its mix of both traditional Kora music and more modern styles of music.

Considered the ambassador to the world about Western African music, Toumani is also tirelessly working towards spreading the influence of his traditional music to other countries. And because of that Toumani frequently plays at international music festivals across different countries. In his home country of Mali in Africa, Toumani is also part of several organizations that are dedicated to various social causes such as preserving traditional Malian folk music practices.

All of Toumani’s albums can be found on this website. All of the 12 albums that he has released are available on this website. You can purchase both physical and digital copies of his album on this website, just visit the discography page of this website. And on that page, you can find links that will direct you to online stores and streaming platforms, wherein you are able to purchase any of the albums from Toumani himself!

Even since his album’s releases, ToumaniDiabate has been playing in locations around the world. He has performed in over 2000 live concerts. And he is also a staple performer at many different international music festivals. You can check out the different countries that he has performed in by looking through this website. He has got a lot of experience performing in countries around the world. Some of the countries that he has performed in include the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, and various other countries. He has performed in different continents such as Africa, America, Europe and even Australia as well.

The touring schedule of ToumaniDiabate can also be found on this website as well. If you would like to be able to see whether or not Toumani will be playing at a concert in a location in your city, you should check out this tour schedule. His full schedule for all of the months of the rest of the year is available on this website. You can check out the dates of that touring schedule and also the locations and cities of those live shows as well. You can even reserve or purchase a ticket for his love shows through this website. Liver performances by ToumaniDiabate are not to be missed, and if you consider yourself a true fan, you should definitely attend one of his live performances.

Toumani is also a teacher of the Kora instrument. You can sign up for one of his classes if you check out his master class page of this website. You can view a schedule of his classes and the pricing of his lessons if you go to that web page. He holds different Kora playing classes throughout the world across different dates of the year. Primarily, he gives lessons in Paris. So if you would like to see if there are any available dates to get Kora playing lessons from Toumani, you should visit the Masterclass page of this website. And you may actually be able to see whether or not Toumani has got any classes available for you. You can go for daily or hourly classes with Toumani. And he will also be able to accommodate students of all ages and playing stages. You will be able to learn a lot from these master class Toumani lessons.

Fans of ToumaniDiabate will be able to get regular updates through this website. You should check his official website regularly if you wish to know any of the latest news about ToumaniDiabate and his music. You can get all of the latest updates and any new albums that Toumani is going to release, only by following this website.