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High quality Minecraft server hosting services are also equipped to serve out the best sound

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for quite some time now, you probably are so addicted that you don’t really pay much attention to a lot of smaller details. Now, I understand that you pay attention to the graphics in front of you. This is non-negotiable because the game is graphically oriented. That’s how you build stuff. That’s how you explore the game world. You need to pay attention to the graphics. The graphics have to be just right.

Now, with that said, you know, and I know, that there’s a lot to be improved on when it comes to the graphic qualities of Minecraft. In fact, a lot of game purists and hardcore game players would not even dare touch Minecraft because they think it’s too basic, it’s too blocky, and it looks just like a game that you would play in the mid ’80s, not today.

With that said, people can’t help but get addicted to this game. It’s kind of like an acquired taste. It’s like eating fish sauce for the first time. If you eat any Thai or Southeast Asian dish, sometimes you put a little bit of fish sauce there. The first time you tried, you probably were not too crazy about it, but after a while, you start craving it until you consciously seek out fish paste as part of your authentic, genuine Southeast Asian meal.

The same applies to Minecraft.

When people play it first hand, the graphics really rubs them the wrong way. In fact, a lot of people get thoroughly irritated. But once you make it through the induction phase or the irritation phase, you can’t put the game down. Really.

If you’re the 10% that gets hooked on this game, it quickly becomes your life. If you have a girlfriend, forget about seeing her because you’d rather see the game all day, every day. If you have a job, be very careful because your job performance might suffer and you might even lose the interest to show up on time or even show up at all. That’s how addicting Minecraft is because ultimately, it is a game about your imagination.

So as awesome as this game is, it is mostly graphic in nature. You already know this. You know this like the back of your hand. But the problem here is, for a game to truly transport you to an alternative reality, it has to engage all your senses.

Now, it’s probably too much to ask for a simple video game to engage your sense of taste and smell. Unless you have some sort of special device that wafts out special scents while you’re playing a game, chances are, this is not even that big of a consideration. However, you are going to insist that the stuff that you see and hear are on point. Do you see where I’m coming from?

So do yourself a favor and pay close attention to audio. Unfortunately, a lot of Minecraft players turn the sound down. They really could not be bothered. They couldn’t care less about the sound. As long as they have enough video prompts, that’s all they need.

This is really too bad because, when was the last time you watched a 3D movie at an Imax theater with your headphones set to max listening to something else or blocking out the sound? I hope you get my point.

Most people wouldn’t do that. They want to experience everything the movie has to offer, and this means listening and seeing everything. Don’t cheat yourself out of a truly superb, if not sublime, Minecraft experience by leaving out the sound. Minecraft’s sound system enables you to be really present when you’re doing any sort of action in the game. The added sound adds to the overall feeling you get when you play the game. It’s like you are totally and completely immersing yourself into a new world.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do this.

They go on a server, and a lot of these are impromptu or even casual servers that may be up today and down tomorrow. In fact, a lot of them are so random that they may be up for a few hours, and disappear completely.

Regardless of the specific set of circumstances in which you play Minecraft, you need to insist on the very best in terms of graphics and sound. Otherwise, you’re not getting the experience you deserve.

So do yourself a big favor, if you are thinking of hosting your very own Minecraft installation, you need to be very serious about delivering the very best sound quality this game has to offer. Believe me, it can step up to the occasion. It can deliver high quality sound, but the settings have to be right.

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