Have you heard of Toumani Diabate? He’s the leader of one of the loveliest art forms in the world. It’s music that been played for hundreds of years. Toumani is a master of the art and makes music that’s played in a way to connect with modern audiences. The music is played with incredible and motivating spirituality.

Toumaniis, in fact, one of Africa’s most important musicians. He plays harp known as the kora. The West African instrument includes 21 strings. He’s been the person who’s been most responsible for sharing this world with a global audience. He’s been praised for his creativity and virtuosity. In fact, Toumani has shown that the instrument can compete with some of the world’s top instruments.

Toumani was born in Bamako, which is the capital city of Mali during 1965. He was born in a musician/historian caste. In fact, the research he conducted showed there were 7 generations of kora players that continued from father to son. The most famous kora player was his father Sidiki Diabate (1922-1996). He was a famous kora player in West Africa and earned the nickname “King of the Kora” at the 1977 Black Arts Festival Festac. Two decades after his passing he’s still an inspiration for all kora players.

Following the end of World War II, he settled in Mali and became well-known for his “hot” and unique style of kora playing. In fact, his father’s style can be heard in Toumani’s playing. Mali earned its independence during 1960, and afterwards, Sidiki received an invitation to join the Ensemble National Instrumental. The group that’s government-sponsored formed in order to celebrate Malian’s rich culture. His first wife was the singer named Nene Koita, who was also Toumani’s mother.

Sidiki and Nenne were very popular with the country’s first president named Modibo Keita. He gave them the land where their house is now located under the presidential palace. This was the music-focused environment that Toumani was raised in. However, it’s interesting that he was, in fact, self-taught. He only learned how to play that kora by listening to his father’s playing. During the 1960s and 1970s, Bamako’s music scene was affected by music from far away. That included African-American music.

Some of the most popular music at the time included Jimi Hendrix and British rock groups including Led Zeppelin. This music, as well as modern music in Bamako, had a big influence on the musical development of Toumani. He was, in fact, a child prodigy and started playing the kora instrument at the age of 5 years old. During that time the Mali government was running a program that encouraged regional groups to promote local traditions. Toumani was recruited to be included in one of the ensembles in a town about 60 km from his hometown.

He then made his public debut at 13 years old and received praise for his musical performance. Then in 1984 Toumani joined a group of young musicians who joined the best female griot singer from Mali. This gave him the opportunity to tour throughout much of Africa. At the time he was only 19 years old.

Toumani didn’t learn his art form directly from his father. However, he got the idea from him to develop the kora as an instrument played during solos. However, he took that practice to the next level, which is one reason why he’s become a legend in the instrument’s history. He found a way to play bass, solo, and rhythm at one time. This method of kora playing made him world-famous. He first went to Europe during 1986 to play with another Malian singer named Ousmane Sacko. He ended up staying in London for about half a year.

At the time he was 21 years old. He also recorded “Kaira,” which was his first solo album. This was the world’s first-ever kora solo album. In fact, it’s still one of the all-time best-sellers and one of the top kora albums in the history of the genre.

During the year 1986 Toumani also played at the WOMAD festival for the first time. He also made a big impact at the event.  During his era, he worked with musicians from different genres. He also learned about music traditions that he hadn’t encountered before. That includes Indian classical music. He then had the idea of having a musical “dialogue” that took place between 2 different instruments. Since then it’s become one of the trademarks of his music playing.

His first-ever major recorded collaboration was with a Spanish flamenco group named Ketama. After the two parties met they started playing “almost” to his own music. Toumani was surprised that they had a true understanding of his music. That was especially true involving the complexrhythms of his music. He thought it was as though they had listened to his traditions for a long time.

The result was the album named “Songhai.” It seemed to be an excellent combination of flamenco and kora. Toumani believed that experimentation was one of his jobs of being a modern-day griot. He explained that the role is to communicate with people. However, he explained that it wasn’t just historical communication.

He explained that he could work in a traditional manner in Mali. However, in other places, he can do his work in a different way. Then in 1990 Toumani formed an orchestra that created a balance between traditional and modern music.

It also included music from different countries. Besides Mali, it included music from countries such as Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Guinea. They were all part of the Mande Empire during medieval times. His goal was to recreate the cultural balance of the empire in a context of modern music. This offset electric/traditional guitars with sabar drumming. There were also lutes and drums in the music. Toumami’s own kora phrases could be heard throughout the music.

Toumami’s career has lasted for several decades. Each of his kora albums has been released to show that he is a diverse and unique musician. He’s able to bring together old and new music.

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High quality Minecraft server hosting services are also equipped to serve out the best sound

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for quite some time now, you probably are so addicted that you don’t really pay much attention to a lot of smaller details. Now, I understand that you pay attention to the graphics in front of you. This is non-negotiable because the game is graphically oriented. That’s how you build stuff. That’s how you explore the game world. You need to pay attention to the graphics. The graphics have to be just right.

Now, with that said, you know, and I know, that there’s a lot to be improved on when it comes to the graphic qualities of Minecraft. In fact, a lot of game purists and hardcore game players would not even dare touch Minecraft because they think it’s too basic, it’s too blocky, and it looks just like a game that you would play in the mid ’80s, not today.

With that said, people can’t help but get addicted to this game. It’s kind of like an acquired taste. It’s like eating fish sauce for the first time. If you eat any Thai or Southeast Asian dish, sometimes you put a little bit of fish sauce there. The first time you tried, you probably were not too crazy about it, but after a while, you start craving it until you consciously seek out fish paste as part of your authentic, genuine Southeast Asian meal.

The same applies to Minecraft.

When people play it first hand, the graphics really rubs them the wrong way. In fact, a lot of people get thoroughly irritated. But once you make it through the induction phase or the irritation phase, you can’t put the game down. Really.

If you’re the 10% that gets hooked on this game, it quickly becomes your life. If you have a girlfriend, forget about seeing her because you’d rather see the game all day, every day. If you have a job, be very careful because your job performance might suffer and you might even lose the interest to show up on time or even show up at all. That’s how addicting Minecraft is because ultimately, it is a game about your imagination.

So as awesome as this game is, it is mostly graphic in nature. You already know this. You know this like the back of your hand. But the problem here is, for a game to truly transport you to an alternative reality, it has to engage all your senses.

Now, it’s probably too much to ask for a simple video game to engage your sense of taste and smell. Unless you have some sort of special device that wafts out special scents while you’re playing a game, chances are, this is not even that big of a consideration. However, you are going to insist that the stuff that you see and hear are on point. Do you see where I’m coming from?

So do yourself a favor and pay close attention to audio. Unfortunately, a lot of Minecraft players turn the sound down. They really could not be bothered. They couldn’t care less about the sound. As long as they have enough video prompts, that’s all they need.

This is really too bad because, when was the last time you watched a 3D movie at an Imax theater with your headphones set to max listening to something else or blocking out the sound? I hope you get my point.

Most people wouldn’t do that. They want to experience everything the movie has to offer, and this means listening and seeing everything. Don’t cheat yourself out of a truly superb, if not sublime, Minecraft experience by leaving out the sound. Minecraft’s sound system enables you to be really present when you’re doing any sort of action in the game. The added sound adds to the overall feeling you get when you play the game. It’s like you are totally and completely immersing yourself into a new world.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do this.

They go on a server, and a lot of these are impromptu or even casual servers that may be up today and down tomorrow. In fact, a lot of them are so random that they may be up for a few hours, and disappear completely.

Regardless of the specific set of circumstances in which you play Minecraft, you need to insist on the very best in terms of graphics and sound. Otherwise, you’re not getting the experience you deserve.

So do yourself a big favor, if you are thinking of hosting your very own Minecraft installation, you need to be very serious about delivering the very best sound quality this game has to offer. Believe me, it can step up to the occasion. It can deliver high quality sound, but the settings have to be right.

Most importantly, the hardware configuration has to be on point. This requires a little bit of analysis. This requires a little bit of legwork. Click here to get the inside scoop on top notch Minecraft server hosting.

The link that I just shared with you will give you the inside scoop. It will give you all the details that you need to make a truly informed decision as far as Minecraft hosting is concerned because here at toumani-diabate.com, we are serious about sound.

This blog is all about African music and African musical cultural expression. To make this happen and to truly deliver a high quality experience to people listening to this amazing segment of world music, you need the right sound quality.

If you’ve been clicking through our website, you probably have seen all our audio articles as well as our reviews of speakers, microphones, and other audio equipment. As you can probably tell, we take audio very seriously.

So if you are looking for high quality Minecraft server hosting, pay attention to sound. Our resource page that I just linked to will give you all the information you need so you can make the right call all day, every day.

This is how a cat owner got the urine stains out from his world music room


Here at toumani-diabate, we are big fans of African or world music. Make no mistake about it, Africa is the cradle of global civilization. It is, after all, where all women trace their maternal lineage from. Thanks to mitochondrial DNA mapping, scientists have clearly established the continent of Africa as the cradle of humanity. That’s right. All people, when they trace their lineage through their mothers, come from Africa. We’re all Africans deep down inside and this is a tremendous thing because we can tap into the great cultural ferment and dynamism of this amazing continent.

African music truly is music for the soul because it truly transports you to a different time, it elevates your mood and really makes you feel so alive. If you are as excited about African music as we are, you probably would be tempted to take things to the next level and invest in a world music room. As you probably already know if you’re listening to any kind of world music, its musical rhythms, composition patterns and melodies are quite different from traditional, popular music. It’s definitely distinct enough from western music.

Given these differences, a lot of world music fans actually take matters into their own hands and install acoustic elements in their music room. These acoustic panels bounce sound in such a way that it enhances the percussion and rhythm of traditional African music an well as African drum beats. This is a big deal because if you really want to savor everything and anything distinctive, exciting and transcendent about African music, you really need to invest in the right sound equipment as well as the right acoustics.

The good news is this investment is definitely worth it. With that said, if you have a cat, things can get a little bit complicated if you have a carpet in your world music room. Nothing would be worse than designating this special area of your home or interior space for everything and anything related to world music. The problem is these urine stains stink up the place and they’re not all that pleasant to look at. Don’t be surprised if you don’t take care of the situation head on, you probably might not want to spend that much time in your world music room. That would really be too bad because you’ve spent all this time, effort and money investing in the room and setting it up in the first place.

The good news is getting those urine stains out is not rocket science. Here’s the story how one cat owner got the urine stains out from his world music room.

First, he applied even lighting on the surface area of the carpet. This means he turned off the lights and he used a mobile phone app flashlight to look for discoloration or at least contrasts in the carpet. This usually looks like some sort of marbling. It has a map like effect. Once you spot that, you should then confirm if that is an animal stain. This is actually quite easy if it’s a cat stain because your nose will tell you. You can smell it quite a ways away.

Once you’ve done that, then you apply the usual suspects. I’m, of course, talking about baking soda, all sorts of carpet cleaners and some sort of liquid. Mix it all together, let it soak in and then vacuum. At about 3 passes, your world music room’s carpeting should be like brand new. Not only would it look fresh and clean, it would also smell that way as well.

In the Lion State of Singapore has arisen the latest and greatest condominium complex in this city-state.


I know you probably have heard that before because Singapore is actually no laggard when it comes to real estate development. In fact, a lot of expatriates from all four corners of the world consider Singapore their primary residence in Southeast Asia. There are many CEOs, Chairmen of the Board, world governmental body and United Nations officials with residences in Singapore.

It’s very easy to see why. Singapore is the only first world nation in Southeast Asia. Nothing comes close. Economically dynamic and definitely punching way over its weight when it comes to business opportunities, it is easy to see why corporations have been sending their staff to Singapore for many decades now. This is one city-state that attracts the world’s best and brightest. It also is a very small place, so you can easily get around. But don’t let its small size and footprint fool you. Despite its compact form, it actually packs a lot of cultural firepower. We’re not just talking about the great dynamic mix of Indonesian, Malay, Indian, and Chinese cultures either.

Whether you’re into botanical adventures or you’re into water skiing or you just love a nice mountain hike and great wide nature trails, Singapore is the place to be. You can start at Singapore, go to Malaysia or take a boat and go to Indonesia, it makes for a great physical and cultural hub.

Make no mistake about it, despite the cutting edge steel and glass exterior of Singapore, it has a lot of cultural soul. After all, it is the intersection of many major faiths, as well as pulling in residents from all four corners of the globe. We’re talking about people from Europe, North America, Australia, Canada, Africa, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and all points in between.

As you can well imagine, if you are a fan of traditional African music, you can and will feel at home in Singapore. It actually has quite a huge number of fans of traditional African music. What better way to enjoy this amazing cultural firepower than in the comfort and safety of your own Twin View condominium unit.

It’s like enjoying Vivaldi while overlooking an amazing scene from your Lake Como villa. In this case, you get to enjoy all the very best musical culture from Africa from your amazing Twin View condo.

These units have the right footprint. They are well designed. Most importantly, they incorporate the latest and greatest in green architecture and engineering philosophies.

In other words, this building is designed to conserve energy on a sustainable basis. Nothing is wasted. You don’t have to feel guilty about living in a place that pretty much sucks up fossil fuels and is ecologically irresponsible. You can kiss all those concerns and guilt goodbye.

Make no mistake about it, if you are looking for a great marriage of cultural awareness, enjoyment and peace of mind, Singapore’s Twin View condominium project is definitely right up your alley.

How to find the Auckland SEO company you can trust Your African Music Resource Page

If you have put together a resource page for everything and anything related to traditional African music, you’ve probably quickly discovered a serious limitation.  It’s one thing to get excited about a piece of content.  It’s another to get a lot of eyeballs to check out their content.

This happens quite a bit.  A lot of people start blogs about what they are excited about.  Maybe people are pumped up about cooking, camping, traveling, or all sorts of tutorial topics.  Unfortunately, passion can only take you so far.  You can get so pumped up about a piece of content but you forget that you need to promote it as well.

It often turns out that people run out of passion sooner than they expected, and it’s easy to see why.  For example, you are really excited about traditional African music so you put up a lot of music resources and pictures.  You put up a lot of videos, but when you look at the statistics of your website, it’s dead.  Few people know about your website.

You feel like the grand goal of your site, which is to spread the word far and wide regarding the distinct charms and beauty of African musical expression, is not panning out.  It only takes a few more days of such discouragement for you to give up.

Well, welcome to the club!  You’re not exactly alone.  A lot of people go through this process, and again, it doesn’t really matter what kind of content they are publishing.  People always go through this kind of process because they forget the importance of search engine traffic.

If you are looking to ensure that whatever musical or non-musical project you put up online will be successful, look for the Auckland SEO company you can trust.  Of course, this advice only applies to people living in New Zealand or nearby countries.

Look for a service provider that is located pretty close by.  If your site has a distinctly Kiwi flavor or orientation, you need an SEO company that has a solid understanding of the local musical scene in your area. They know your audience and can craft together the right kind of search optimization strategy tailored to the specific searach patterns of your target market. Only companies based in New Zealand can truly dial in to a fairly unique kiwi sensibility. They know local slang and local keyword usage. This ensures your African music resource site reaches the right people at the right time and in the right way to produce the right effect.

Look for a service provider in the New Zealand region that is focused on producing the results that you are looking for.  NZ-based companies are easier to communicate with. Seriously. They are in the same time zone as you, for one thing. Second, they can quickly get what you truly mean when you talk about certain parameters or goals. Since they are kiwis just like you, you don’t have to look up what slang terms mean. Everybody pretty much sees eye to eye.

By retaining the services of the Auckland SEO company you can trust, you can go a long way in ensuring that people from all four corners of the globe will be just as pumped up as you are about traditional African music.

Does the Acoustic Guitar Have A Place In Authentic Traditional African Music?


When it comes to traditional music, there will always be two camps of people.  It doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking about traditional African music, or Southeast Asian Aboriginal music, or music performed by the Eskimos.  There will always be purists on one end saying that for this music to be truly authentic, it must be raw, uncut, and absolutely unadulterated.  In their minds, adulteration means any kind of Western musical influence.

In fact, a lot of purists go so far as to say that real traditional music can’t even be written down.   Crazy, right?  Well, there is a reason for such extremism.  They are basically saying that if we were to apply any kind of Western influence on traditional music by definition, we are watering it down or somehow debasing it.

On the other end of the equation are people who say that there is such a thing as fusion music. There is a cultural fusion of different musical instruments and musical styles.  This fusion doesn’t really take away from traditional music.  In fact, according to this school of thought, it actually enhances traditional music by widening its audience.

Now, this begs the question: Does acoustic guitar or any other Western instrument have a place in authentic traditional African music?  It would be great if you were to pick up a classical Spanish guitar from Reviewplays or other guitar review resources and play along with African traditional musicians, but a lot of people hesitate.  They think that by using a guitar, they might actually be watering down the music.  Some are concerned that this may lead to the traditional African musical instruments like the Okra and others being downplayed.

Well, it really all boils down to what kind of effect you’re trying to create.  If you’re trying to just fill in the sound and let the authentic traditional music take over, then it’s okay.  But if you’re actually trying to reshape, modify, or otherwise remold traditional music using modern musical equipment, then that’s another matter entirely.

Reviewplays, for example, lists out a great range of guitars with different sound qualities and specialties. You can check out their wide selection of reviewed specialty guitars to find just the right kind of western musical input into otherwise traditional African music. If you pick the right string equipment, you might just be able to produce a melodious fusion of not only Western and traditional African music but you might be able to explore completely new musical terrain. After all, the high quality guitars from this review site can give you access to a thoroughly nuanced, versatile, and flexible selection of different guitar tones and sounds. If you are going to produce a fusion, you might as well make sure you pick the very best input of Western traditional guitar sounds.

Please remember that this is not really a question of either or.  It really all boils down to motivation and effect.  By using high-quality guitars bought from places like Reviewplays and others, you can actually add an extra layer of complexity and richness to otherwise traditional African music. Instead of simply supplementing traditional indigenous music, you end up marrying auditory elements of both worlds and coming up with something distinctly new. Sounds awesome, right?

Romeo Rim delivers topnotch manufacturing values like creative African music accents

Romeo Rim is a leading provider of composite manufacturing and protoyping technologies and services from structural foam to long fiber injection to all sorts of composite materials. These terms might sound foreign or weird to a lot of consumers but make no mistake about it, if you are looking for any kind of product that has plastic parts, the machines and manufacturing process that produce these parts will do well with Romeo Rim’s contribution. High quality products require a high level of pre-manufacturing precision. Great products can only come from great prototypes. That’s what this composite company brings to the table.

Whether your firm just needs a prototype for your Chinese contract manufacturer or you need the right kind of composite materials for your local production, you need the right kind of help. There are many other manufacturing support providers who aren’t up to the job. Despite the big talk, too many of these outfits simply end up overreaching. Seriously. They overextend themselves and don’t quite deliver based on the expectations they raised.

Either they fall short in terms of manufacturing capabilities, support, or engineering infrastructure, the results are all the same. Manufacturing firms can’t afford to roll the dice this way. Time is short. You know that if you are in a hot market, your competitors are reading, willing, and eager to eat up your lunch. Market shares evaporate overnight. That’s how the market is stacked up. You need specialized partners like Romeo Rim who are able to deliver the range of materials and precision design expertise you need to get to market fast enough to dominate it.

Whether you are a direct manufacturer, an assembler, or something in between, you can’t afford to hope for the best when dealing with a contract manufacturer. You need to be assured that your partner is not only up to the job but will do an amazing job the first time around. This is how competitive the market is. Thanks to the global nature of modern manufacturing, every second counts and nobody can afford an missteps or delays. Partnering with the right company is crucial. They have to delver the kind of value-added accents you need to take your brand to a whole other level. You need this type of next level manufacturing support to prevent your competitors from eating away at your profit margin-regardless of your patent protections.

Solid brands are built on only one thing: quality. Make sure your product is built to directly address and capture the unique set of consumer values you can build a distinct brand on. Unless you crank out products that establish your brand, you will continue to be stuck on a race to the bottom as your consumers view your products as commodities. Just as solid African music is built on the distinct charms and personal brand of tried and proven artists, you should focus on building your product reputation on the very best manufacturing inputs, customized support, and competition-busting attention to detail and innovation. Sadly, anything short of this can and does lead to grueling competition that often goes nowhere but down.

You need a solar angle calculator by zipcode when traveling through Africa

Usually, when people think of going to a music festival in Africa they focus on the music. They hardly think about using a solar angle calculator by zipcode. Well, depending on the location you’re going to, a solar panel or two would be quite handy. You just don’t know when you will need the extra electrical juice.

A lot of people have recently discovered African music.  In fact, they have become so enthusiastic about African continental music that many travelers actually go on road trips in Africa.  Now, please understand that traveling in Africa is not just a common Safari.

This is the common media portrayal of African travel. You see giraffes on one end and lions from a far distance on the other end, but that’s hardly the case.  You actually have to go through specific national preserves to see such a scene.  Usually, traveling in Africa is not much different from traveling in South America or Southeast Asia.  It’s just getting from point A to point B.

However, if you are going to internally remote places, please understand that there may be electrical infrastructure issues.  Put simply, you might not get access to the grid.  Even if you end up in a place where there are fixed electrical sources like a socket, there may be rolling brown-outs.  Electricity may only be available for a few hours in the day. Some parts of Africa are also prone to heavy winds and rains. These can make electrical availability spotty indeed.

This is a reality check.  We’re not candy-coating anything here.  This reality applies not just to Africa but also to many parts of the world.  What do you do in that situation?  What will happen if you’re traveling through Africa and you can’t access electricity?

Thankfully, you can always tap the power of the sun.  There are many solar mini-panels available on the market.  In fact, many of them have the same footprint as the typical notebook computer.  When you buy one of these mini solar panels, you can get enough energy to power your mobile devices or even your laptop computer.  If you have enough of these, you can get enough energy to power up lamps and other heavier-duty pieces of camping equipment.

Now, there is one drawback to this.  You have to have the right solar angle.  While Africa does have a reputation for being a sunny place, you need direct sunlight for optimal solar panel efficiency.  This is not always the case.  Maybe there are just a lot of trees where you’re going or maybe you are too far up.

You need to work around the solar angle issue.  How do you know if you can get enough sun in a particular location?  Use a solar angle calculator by zip code.  Using this handy tool, you can easily determine what the solar intensity is in a particular area you’re going to and plan accordingly.

This way, you don’t have to worry about powering up your mini solar panels properly.  You have planned ahead and your trip will be smoother and easier than if you had not planned.

Bring a 10 X 10 canopy To Your Next African Music Outdoor Festival


If you are truly looking to take your next African music experience to a whole other level, you need to go to an outdoor festival.  Seriously.  While theater venues and small intimate clubs do have their own distinct charms, there is nothing like the great outdoors when it comes to experiencing African music.

The great thing about African music is that there is a tremendous amount of syncopation and time signatures.  These elements don’t really quite translate well in an indoor setting.  While the right indoor equipment can amplify certain elements of African music, the social and communal nature that really underlies African musical creativity and expression is lost in translation.

It may not seem like much, but there’s that added factor that really brings music to life when you watch it live.  If you are going to an African music outdoor festival, you are definitely well-justified in getting pumped up and excited about it.  However, you should not miss out on this one very important piece of outdoor musical equipment.  I am, of course, talking about a canopy.

That’s right.  You need to get a canopy because regardless of where the festival is, it can rain or it can get really hot.  You don’t want the elements to ruin your fun.  Do yourself a big favor and look for the best 10 X 10 canopy you can find.  These are pop-up models.  These are easy to fold up, take down, fold, and store away.

Look for units that are very lightweight and have easy portability.  Make no mistake about it, this is a required equipment.  You can be forgiven for forgetting about everything else, but the next time you listen to live African music in an outdoor festival, you really should not forget to bring a canopy.  Believe it or not, roasting under a hot summer sun can take away from the amazing music you came to enjoy.

Do yourself a big favor and look for the best 10 X 10 canopy you can find.  The good news is by just searching the internet, you can quickly zero in on a few hot brands and make the right choice.  Shipping doesn’t take long.  Just make sure you have enough time when ordering prior to your African music outdoor festival.

What’s so awesome about fairly large canopies is that they can help you host a party within a party. Sure, you’re going to an outdoor concert but this doesn’t mean you can’t have your own personal space within that open sea of people. You can invite your friends as well as the awesome people you meet at the festival to gather in your own space-thanks to your canopy. Sounds cool, right? If you want to just hang out or stake out your ‘very own’ space in what would otherwise be a sea of people, a canopy is crucial. In fact, it’s almost a necessity. Not only does it keep you nice and dry, it also helps you carve out your own space so you can do your own thing. At least, a canopy or fold up large tent enables you to enjoy the great outdoor music on your own terms.

What does the powersmith pavc101 10 amp ash vacuum and African music have in common?

If you’ve seen a powersmith pavc101 10 amp ash vacuum, you will quickly get an impression of just how powerful it is in sucking up dirt and tiny objects. In fact, when it comes to fine particulates, this vacuum has almost no competitors. Few come close. Its vacuum pressure is as refined as it is intense. Interestingly enough, this vacuum cleaner’s power to suck up even seemingly heavy and solid objects is similar to what is going on with contemporary African music.

The funny thing about culture is that a lot of people think that it is monolithic.  A lot of people have this idea of culture as an abstraction that is immune to the effects of location and time as if things were only that easy.  We all know that culture really is always contested.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a product of conflict.  It doesn’t have to require some sort of disagreement, but culture is always being created and recreated.  It always goes through a process of being born, growing, maturing, getting tired, dying, and then being reborn.

I don’t mean to sound mystical here or unnecessarily philosophical, but there really is no other way to describe this process.  I guess this is due to the fact that music is part of the human condition and accordingly, this evolution in our lives mirrors how humans themselves develop over time.

We are born, we grow up, we master things.  Then, we get sick and we die.  That is just the way life is.  That is the “circle of life” so to speak.  African music plays a big role in capturing this dynamic and is also impacted by this dynamic.  It is both a promoter as well as a victim of this process.

One key disturbing fact, however, is that African music is fast getting vacuumed and incorporated into other musical genres.  Now, you may be thinking that this is just natural.  Well, please understand that there is something artificial about this process.  It doesn’t really take place out of some sort of natural dynamic, where artists get inspired by African musical trends.

Instead, this is more due to the sampling or dubbing dynamic playing out in music.  If you ever listen to Hip-hop or certain types of Reggae, dubbing is older age.  The same applies to dance music.  These musical genres do not have any reservations about vacuuming snippets and signature elements from different types of music.

This is what concerns a lot of people.  This vacuum process is so strong, so relentless, and oftentimes so unthinking that it feels like you’re just vacuuming ash from a campfire with a Powersmith PAVC101 10 AMP ash vacuum.  That’s right.  You’re using an industrial ash vacuum cleaner to pump out musical elements or DNA if you will, and blowing it into other musical forms. It doesn’t just stay in one place.

Indeed, the Powersmith’s heavy volume and suction ensures that the materials it pulls in are mixed with the other light or granular items in its storage bag. If you open its bag, you will not only see stuff packed in tight but oftentimes-given the pressure and energy of this unit, the fine items have been thoroughly mixed. You can’t even tell these items apart. That’s how well-mixed they are. Talk about power!  The same mixing effect applies to musical genres.

Now, a lot of people really don’t care about this because as long as it’s legal and people are properly compensated, what’s the big harm?  Well, African music has its own distinct setting.  It has its own context, and to see it sliced-and-diced and blown up into a million unrecognizable pieces runs a very serious risk.  We are at risk of not fully appreciating the genealogy of an otherwise amazing musical tradition.

Can GroomingAdepts.com express your soul like African music?

Make no mistake about it, personal expression can take many different forms.  You probably already know this.  The last time you stepped out of the door, you were making an expression.  This may not all be that conscious.  This may not be at the top of your mind but believe it or not, you are sending all sorts of signals to the world.

As long as people pay attention to you, you know that they are picking up all these signals.  What signals are we talking about?  Well, first of all is your haircut, your choice of clothing, or your choice of footwear.  If you have a beard, it’s your beard style.  All of these express inner truths that emanate from your soul.

Now, this doesn’t have to be deeply philosophical.  We don’t have to explore deep, mystical, or even quasi-religious issues.  This is just a basic feature of personal expression.  You have to be mindful of this because you only live your life once.  Wouldn’t it be great to effectively express yourself in everything you do?  This is your way of putting your personal stamp on everything you experience and encounter.

African music can help you express your inner soul just as your choice of beard style can express your personal style.  For example, if you get facial hair grooming ideas from places like https://groomingadepts.com, you know how this works.  There are many different beard styles on that website and each sends a different set of signals.  Each of these beard styles triggers different emotional responses.

You might think that beard styles are interchangeable or simply a product of trends. You would be greatly mistaken. Seriously. How you style your beard actually says volumes about how important you take your appearance. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are self-absorbed or vain. Instead, this means you are very meticulous about how your personal appearance expresses the real you. You just want clarity when it comes to putting your stamp on the world or any kind of scene you find yourself in.
By choosing to be completely aware of your impact on any kind of social event or public place you choose to go to, you add your personal touch. Online resources like Grooming Adepts give you the resources you need to maximize your impact. Instead of craving attention or trying to come off as something or someone you are not, personal grooming and styling sites give you the information and product insights to truly do a good job making your own personal style stamp. This is quite a big deal because, let’s face it, most people are content to look and act like clones of each other or, worse yet, a celebrity.

Great personal style resources like Grooming Adepts give you the tools and inspiration you need to come up with your own distinct style. This makes personal style signal ‘curation’ so much easier… and fun!

By being mindful and purposeful regarding the signals you send, you can pretty much trigger or provoke the right reactions.  The same applies to your choice of African music.  You have to understand that part of living life to the fullest means expressing yourself the right way.

Do Sewing Machine Brands Matter? 

It is easy to get excited about specific African performers.  If you have been listening to Nigerian music, it’s very easy to just zero in on a few artists and call it a day.  You really couldn’t care less about their record labels.  You might be thinking that these musical brands come and go.  You are focused solely on the artists. Well, as you probably already know, this is a bad and inefficient way to pick out the very best in African music. It’s also a bad way to identify and find the very best in products like sewing machines. Indeed, whether you like it or not, sewing machine brands do matter. In fact, they matter a lot.

Unlike individual musical artist who simply decides when to produce music and what type of music to crank out, sewing machine brands are focused on the market segments they cater to. They stick to certain brand values in line with the segment of the sewing market they cater to. For example, sewing equipment that cater to people who sew from home emphasize their ease of use, ready made or previously programmed patterns, compact form, and light weight. Of course, they also make sure their models do a good job of covering the basics like stitching.

Heavy duty or industrial sewing machine brands, on the other hand, focus on heavy material handling, fast output, and volume production. The brand values on this end of the market revolve around heavy production reliability, energy efficiency, and durability. The bottom line? Product brand values depend on the set of needs and expectations of their target markets.

Brand values go a long way when trying to make a choice between different sewing machine models. Don’t just focus on the qualities of the specific machine you are checking out. Pay attention to the reputation of the company behind the unit. They may have made a name for themselves making sure home hobbyists or home-based tailors produce reliable high quality well-stitched and sewn clothing without cramping their style. Maybe they made their name producing industrial level machines that withstand a tremendous amount of punishment and high output wear and tear. These are not small details. This brand association pretty much tells you all you need to know about what to expect from the model lines sporting a particular brand.

Let’s put it this way: while knowing the specific manufacturer of sewing equipment might not guarantee your model or unit is the very best machine for the kind of job you have in mind for it, going with the right brand can help you manage your expectations. You won’t be shooting in the dark or rolling the dice and hoping for the best. You at least have some sort of base line expectation of what the machine can and cannot do. This is no different from going with certain music labels because of their tried and proven quality output and specialization.
Paying attention to brands can definitely help you make better informed decisions. At the very least, even if you make a bad call, you can at least take some comfort from the fact that brands seek to protect their reputation and you are assured of some basic level of quality.

What World Music and Your Primitive Outpost purchases say About Your Personal Style.

A lot of people would like to think that personal style just involves the eyes.  When you look at somebody, you can see the color of the shirt they’re wearing, the cut of the shirt, and other pieces of clothing.  You can see the pants.  You might even also pay attention to their hairstyle.

But make no mistake about it, your personal style transcends the things that people can easily perceive.  There is more to you than what people can see.  It’s not just about your hairstyle, your choice of clothing, your accessories, or if you’re a guy, your beard.

Your personal style transcends all that because it can impact what you choose to eat, how you eat, and when you eat.  It can also impact what you listen to.  African music, believe it or not, says a lot about your personal style.  Just as your beard, which you may have gotten ideas for from beard-styling online resources like Primitive Outpost, says about your personality, your musical tastes are equally vocal.  Seriously.

Beard and male facial hair styling sites like PO cater to guys who have a refined sense of style. These guys are not just content to go with the run of the mill or ordinary. Instead, they want only the very best styles as well as styling products and grooming accessories for their beards. Whether we’re talking about a classic mountain man beard or a simple overgrown goatee, the right facial hair style requires the right blend of styling products and accessories. After all, your distinct look is a reflection of your total persona. Every single signal you send out says volumes about your personal style and what you are about.

What you choose to listen to is as important as the beard you choose to grow.  People might see that you got your beard-styling ideas from Primitive Outpost.  Well, they can also easily figure out where you got your musical ideas from.

When you play and listen to African music, it simply declares to the world that you are an open-minded person.  You don’t let boundaries, habits, and traditions get in the way of great music.  This open-minded approach highlights a truly cosmopolitan personal style.

This is not always the case with other people.  A lot of people seem to be stuck with the tried and proven.  They can’t seem to move past the walls of their comfort zones.  They get really uncomfortable.  They feel vulnerable, but there really is nothing to be scared about.

The great thing about African music is that it communicates on so many levels the central truth that regardless of where we come from, what we do for a living, and what we look like, we are essentially the same.  This is why if you are truly looking to express your total persona, don’t just focus on what you can see. Your beard’s length, specific style, how neat it is, and its cleanliness speak volume to your personal style and level of individual elegance and sophistication. Always remember this. You need to send out a conscious and well-sculpted style message. A great well-trimmed and well-styled beard can definitely do this… along with other signals.

Don’t just limit yourself to visible signals.  Pay attention to your taste in music.  Pay attention to the food that you normally eat.  All of these add up to a truly distinctive personal style.  They are just as important, and in many cases, more important and meaningful than the things people can readily and easily see.

Thanks To E-Commerce, Getting African Music Is As Easy As Getting Car Parts Online

Back when I got started collecting traditional African music, it was very hard to get CDs.  It really was.  You had to know people.  You had to sign up for mailing lists, and I am not talking about online mailing lists here.  I am not talking about online platforms, where you just click a button and thousands of people get a link or get information.

We are talking about the bad old days before the internet.  Back in those days, when you get on a mailing list, it’s anybody’s guess when you would get notifications.  It was very rare that you would get free samples of music because it was just too expensive to send tapes and 45 singles through snail mail.

Well, fast-forward through today, getting traditional African music has never been easier.  In fact, thanks to the internet, global musical traditions from the Eskimos, all the way to the African tribes, to South Asian Indian indigenous people, and Southeast Asian boat people, has become so much easier.  Geographic isolation is no longer a formidable barrier.  As long as the music can be recorded and uploaded in digital form, you can get your hands on it.

That is how easy you can get African music.  In fact, this ease is actually just part of the revolution the internet has produced in our lives.  Like I mentioned above, it used to be a hassle getting CDs through the mail.

Similarly, it used to be a hassle getting car parts.  You have to actually live next to a junkyard and pick your own part.  That’s how things used to be, but not anymore.  Now, you can buy car parts online.  As long as you know what that car part looks like, you can buy that part.  You just need to go to the right website, pick out the part, click a few buttons, whip out your credit card, and you’re good to go.  Thanks to modern shipping, you don’t even need to wait all that long to get your hands on that brand-new or used part.

Getting car parts nowadays is also free of the hassle of bad pricing. Seriously. You don’t have to worry about getting gouged by the closest part supplier because you don’t have access to other car part distributors. Thanks to the Worldwide Web, you can actually compare auto parts prices not just in terms of make, model, and price but also shipping, delivery time, and warranties. Given this huge flood of information, consumers don’t have to worry about wasting their hard earned money on dealers who are too eager to overprice their wares.
Not only are you able to get automotive parts faster and cheaper, many online auto parts warehouses even have amazing customer service guarantees. They are so focused on getting you to come back again and again, many of there online dealers’ customer service departments are available on a 24/7 basis. Unbelievable! Compare this to the bad old days when you have to actually physically walk into a store to get some questions answered. And even if you were able to get a warm body to talk to, it’s anybody’s guess if they actually know the answers to your car parts questions. Not so today. Seriously. You only need to pick up the phone and dial or send an email and you’ll get your answers soon enough.

This is just one tiny snippet of all the massive sea changes e-commerce has gone through.  Whether you enjoy traditional African music in digital form, through a CD, or some sort of hard media, buying it is no longer a hassle.  In fact, it’s not even hard.

So if you think that there is some sort of difficulty in buying music, think again.  It’s just as easy as buying car parts online, medical parts online, or any other niche product.  You just have to look, and thanks to modern search engines, it doesn’t take much effort to look.

How Can YouTube Vlogging Help Promote Traditional African Musical Arts? 

Africa has a rich traditional musical heritage.  From the horn of Africa all the way to the South and back to Northern Africa, this continent is just extremely rich in musical traditions.  It truly is a journey into a completely different world as the natural human tendency to produce auditory art spreads throughout the continent.

If you were to take a bus going from Morocco and proceed to go down the continent all the way to South Africa and make your way back to the North through an East African route, you would be blown away by the creative scope and amazing range of African musical expressions.  One of these, of course, is the Okra or African harp.  Sometimes it is very haunting.  On other times, it is very uplifting and energizing.  It really all depends on who is handling the Okra.

There are many other distinctly African musical instruments that can really uplift the soul, and it’s easy to think that this kind of music will remain basically trapped in the African continent.  After all, there is really not much of a large, worldwide demand for traditional African music.  Most critics would agree that when it comes to the different demand levels or the different flavors of world music, traditional African music is on the short end.  It’s not on the same level as Reggae.

With that said, the popularity of YouTube and other online video social media platforms has enabled a new generation of global music enthusiasts to discover traditional African musical arts.  It is easy to see why YouTube is at the forefront of this amazing sea change in musical taste.  It’s as if people are just completely woken up to a wide, new, kaleidoscopic, and the almost universal buffet table of musical genres coming out of Mama Africa.

This is due to the vibrancy and dynamism of YouTube as a social media platform.  Take the case of vlogging.  Whatever you’re into, you can open a YouTube channel and get people excited about whatever it is you’re excited about.

There is a channel of a guy who replicates primitive conditions and makes all sorts of pottery and equipment.  This channel is called Primitive Technology and it is one of the hottest YouTube channels.

The same goes for Kim Dao.  This beauty blogger, who currently lives in Japan, gives us an inside scoop on what it is like to live in Japan. Thanks to Ms. Dao, you can learn the ins and outs of living in Japan. You can also get the latest and greatest trends in beauty, beauty products, and makeup tips.

Kim’s influence has grown by leaps and bounds because of her Youtube channel. In fact, she’s on other social media platform. It’s easy to see why she has gotten so popular. Not only is her channel informative, it is also very amusing and highlights her charming personality. Make no mistake about it, vlogging is able to turn people into personas which in turn can become solid online brands. Kim has shown how this is possible. Youtube is not just a one-way street when it comes to content creation and enjoyment. Instead, it actually is a platform, just judging from the how active its comments section is, where Youtube celebs’ fans can build a genuine community around a creator’s work.

Make no mistake about it, vlogging, whether you’re sharing beauty tips, lifestyle tips, or teaching people how to do all sorts of stuff, breaks down barriers.  It opens people’s mind.  People may come in initially out of curiosity but they leave refreshed, enlightened, and a little bit better off.  It is precisely due to this environment that African music, particularly the traditional African music, is making great headways all over the world. If anything, vlogging provides tremendous opportunities for anyone from any part of the world to share their distinct personal brand and message.



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